Plant based eating – top 2020 trend?

There has been so much hype about plant based eating and more so I believe in the last few months than I have ever heard about before.

With the release of the Netflix game changers it certainly seems to be a topic of conversation amongst the girls and clients in the Boutique.

In a recent beauty magazine released, they told that UK search interest has increased by 465% between September and November 2019 so were interested to know how many of our clients might be trying this out and the results they find if doing so.

From a beauty point of view it would be interesting to know if being a plant based eater has an effect on the skin, it would make sense that the more fruit and vegetables you eat the more vitamins you are getting and we do know that ourselves and clients included often suffer from dairy related allergies also affecting the skin so who knows?

I am sure the opinions are vast and would love to know more…..


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