Diary of a Teenage Boys Skin

Recently one of our clients approached us at her wits end with her sons skin.  He is 15, almost 16 and as with most boys his age is getting the odd outbreak and then squeezing and picking and waking up with another spot and so the story goes on.

He hounded her to help him sort his skin out and that all his friends were using a well known brand targeted at that age range so she brought him a bottle and on he went to use it.

Following the first application his skin immediately became red raw with a wind burnt appearance, when I got to see him it was tight and dry and hugely irritated.

These types of products strip the skin of their natural oils so although for say a ”spotty teenager” this is what the go to product is, it will not benefit the skin and often results in making it worse.

So when Kate came to us for help, we immediately gave her some SOS products as such which had an immediate calming effect and then gave some samples cherry picking the right products from our brand ‘Skeyndor’ from various of their ranges to suit the different needs of his Skin.

Almost instantly his skin calmed and no longer irritated and after the samples had dried up he was on to uses his mums products! Needless to say he is now getting his own range of them for his 16th Birthday!

Its always so rewarding when what you recommend truly works and you can engage a 16 year old boy who wasn’t really interested in his skin to now wanting to use good products from an early age and this is the perfect way to begin.

Kate very kindly took the time to write us the most lovely review to which I have included below and a gorgeous picture of her Boy!

‘’My son is a typical 16 year old and suffers with teenage breakouts in his t zone- like most teenagers will only use products that have been heavily advertised so I made the mistake of buying one of the most popular skin care treatments in the form of a face wash the results of this were completely horrifying. It completely stripped the top layer of skin leaving the skin red raw and angry and still spotty. My son ‘Reubin’ is Atopic which means that his skin is sensitive and therefore he suffered with childhood eczema and has allergies and asthma…

The first thing I did was contact the team at e.m.skin clinic & beauty as I am a regular customer here. The Skin Specialist team worked collaboratively together and gave me a range of sample products to try …first of all I used ( Skeyndors Soothing Ampule), overnight it was miraculous the irritation had gone the spots already drying and not looking as angry. Next I used two samples of SOS from Skeyndor this is also another amazing product, the skin looked brighter and was continuing to heal. The difference in three days was completely staggering … now I’m using Clear Balance cleansing foam and Aquatherm F2 which is putting the moisture back into his skin .. the best thing is that the skincare team were able to give me samples of all of these products to use before purchasing anything

I have now purchased the foaming cleanser which is helping keep breakouts at bay and will now have a plan of which moisturiser to use .. my son has completely transformed his thinking and is now happy to adopt a proper skincare regime which in itself is brilliant and no mean feat with a 16 year old !! I couldn’t be more thankful to the team at e.m.skin clinic & beauty as they have sorted his skin and made him realise the importance of a proper regime with products that will heal soothe and nourish his skin.

Kate x


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