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Pigmentation, also referred to as, dark spots, age spots, sun spots, liver spots, freckles and melasma, are all caused by an excess amount of melanin being produced.

What is melanin? Melanin is the natural pigment that is produced in our cells which is responsible for our skin and hair colour. When the melanin is over stimulated it over produces which then causes an uneven skin tone with these ‘dark spots’, pigmentation.

The main cause of pigmentation is sun damage! Now even though we need the sunlight to generate the production of melanin in the skin, too much sun exposure disrupts this process and causes pigmentation, sun damage and irritation. This will also contribute to the ageing process.

Some skin types are more prone to pigmentation if they have more melanin (pigment) in their skin. The fairer you are, the less melanin you have.

Hormones can also play a part in some cases of pigmentation, mostly known as melasma. Its most common in women when the female sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone change, especially during pregnancy, they encourage an overproduction of melanin when the skin is in the sun.

Here are our top treatments to help tackle pigmentation….

Pigmentation is one of the hardest skin concerns to treat and see results so aswell as having a facial treatment it is very important to support this with the correct homecare products to continue working on reducing the pigmentation at home.

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