Skin Concerns

With so many different Skin Concerns it’s hard to know at times what your main concern is or even what the concern is.

With our wide range of treatments we can help alleviate conditions such as Psoriasis and Acne and rejuvenate the skin for anti ageing and hydration purposes.

In this section we have listed some common concerns, how they present themselves and what we can do to help.


Pigmentation, such as dark spots, age spots, sun spots, liver spots, freckles and melasma, is caused by excess melanin being produced, causing uneven skin tone. Causes for this can be sun damage, hormones, or your skin naturally producing more melanin due to your tone, making you more prone to pigmentation. Treatments we provide to help tackle pigmentation include the Skeyndor Dermapeel Pro Brightening, Crystal Clear Frozen Elite and Dermalux light therapy.


Those with sensitive skin are more prone to inflammation, irritation and adverse reactions. Signs of sensitive skin can be redness, dryness and being prone to breakouts. Issues such as eczema and rosacea all fall under the sensitive skin category. clinic & beauty’s top treatments to tackle sensitivity include Skeyndor Aquatherm calming & soothing facial, Dermalux light therapy and Oxygen therapy.


Whilst the aging process can’t be stopped, we can minimise the appearance of characteristics such as dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles and dark circles with treatments provided at our skin clinic. Treatments that we would recommend for aging skin concerns include Skeyndor Pro Timeless Peel/Skeyndor Pro Brightening Peel, Crystal Clear Frozen Elite Facial, Dermalux Light Therapy and Skeyndor Power H Hydration facial.


Acne is a common skin problem that many deal with, and although it is mostly seen in teenagers and young adults, it can continue into or appear in adult life. There are many different types of spots that can make up acne such as blackheads, pustules and cysts. Our top treatments for acne and scarring are Skeyndor Clear Balance, Dermalux light therapy, Microdermabrasion and Crystal Clear Frozen Elite facial.



Pregnancy changes many aspects of the body and the skin is no exception. Hormonal changes and increase in blood flow can cause acne breakouts, pigmentation and red, flushed skin. Our Skeyndor Aquathertherm range includes a treatment and a full homecare range safe for use during pregnancy, after the initial 12 weeks.


Understanding the ingredients of skincare and why we use them on our skin is important to know so that we can build an effective routine and make informed decisions for our skin. Ingredients such as salicylic acid, retinol and niacinamide are commonly found in skincare products, each used to target different skin concerns.


At clinic & beauty Skin Clinic, we offer a range of different treatments specifically tailored for men’s skin needs and concerns such as micro needling, skin peels and express facials. Our dedicated skin care range can be used at home in between facials to maintain healthy skin and boost results achieved in the clinic.

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