Inflammation & Irritation

Also known as sensitive skin.

A skin that is more prone to inflammation, irritation and adverse reactions.

Common symptoms and signs of a sensitive skin would be –

  • redness/flush easily
  • dryness/flakiness/feel rough
  • prone to breakouts
  • sunburn easily
  • itchy
  • skin is reactive
  • rashes appear
  • skin can feel warm to touch
  • broken veins and capillaries present.

Eczema, Dermatitis and Rosacea are common sensitive skin issues.

Abit of science… The skin can become sensitive when the protective layer (the most outer layer which works like a ‘cling film’ over our skin to keep goodness in and the irritants out) known as the lipid barrier is damaged. It can become damaged from a number of things such as the environment, harsh products, reactions, chemicals and the sun, to name a few. These will cause small holes in the lipid barrier letting irritants into the skin which will cause the redness, reactions and sensitivity. In turn our skin will also lose water through these small holes causing the skin to become dry, irritated and itchy.

Our top treatments to help treat sensitivity are –


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