Advanced Blemish Removal

Our advanced blemish removal system can target a variety of conditions, which can be quickly and easily treated with immediate results offering blemish-free skin.

These are tiny white, hard lumps containing keratin that lie superficially under the skin’s surface and can be easily treated.  They are often associated with dry skin which can be acidic but this is not always the case.

Skin Tags
Skin tags are benign, innocuous growths which vary in size, shape and attachment. They are often found in areas where there is friction, such as where the skin creases or clothes rub. Skin tags (technically known as fibro-vascular papilloma) are increasingly common as we age and affect almost half of the population. While they are benign and do not pose any direct risk to your health, skin tags can easily be removed if they are impacting your self-esteem or mental well-being.

Thread Veins
Telangiectasia, also known as red veins, thread veins and broken capillaries, are common in exposed and vulnerable areas such as the nose. These can be caused by trauma to the skin.  Treatment aims to restore the previous appearance of the skin.

Blood Spots
Cherry Angiomas are small blood spots that are benign vascular blemishes. They can vary in size from small pin dots to as large as a penny; and in colour from bright red to darker tones. Cherry angiomas are not painful but may bleed when scratched and can become distressing, particularly if they are in difficult-to-mask areas.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a common benign condition of the sebaceous glands presenting as one or multiple creamy or yellowish papules with a cauliflower effect. This condition is often linked to age and changes in hormone levels, especially during pregnancy.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis
Seborrhoeic Keratosis is a benign, asymptomatic mass, which often has a thick wart-like or scab-like appearance. They are primarily on the back, shoulders & chest, however, they have also been found to occur on the face.

Xanthelasma are white/yellowish blemishes usually found on the eyelids, ranging in size from very small to up to one inch in diameter. These fatty deposits that form under the skin are not harmful and can be effectively removed using gentle techniques of Diathermy.

Dermatosa Papulosa Nigra
Dermatosa Papulosa Nigra is a common popular disorder and appears as small brown or black raised areas of skin, particularly around the cheeks, temples & neck. Considered a variant of Seborrheic Keratosis, this condition is also a benign growth that originates from the outer layer of the skin, specifically affecting those with darker skin types (Fitzpatrick Scale 4-6). This condition is harmless & should not use you any physical discomfort.

Wart Reduction/Removal
Warts are viral growths on the skin. they are very common and usually spread by direct skin-to-skin contact or indirectly through contaminated objects/surfaces. Blemish removal can target common warts to Filiform warts, a wart known for its distinctive finger-like appearance. Amy ensures a safe & sterile environment where hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance when treating all blemishes, especially warts.

Cyst Reduction
There are three common types of cysts: epidermoid cysts, sebaceous cysts, and pilar cysts. These cysts can develop due to factors like blocked hair follicles, sebum accumulation, or keratin overgrowth. However, not all cysts are caused by these factors; they can result from various origins. Diathermy can treat all cysts resulting in reduction or removal.

Mole Reduction
Generally, it is best to avoid treating moles, but if they are knocking your confidence & it is safe to do so, reduction can be an option.

What can you expect with this treatment?
A small energy current is sent through a very fine tip which is moved across the area to be treated. This dries up and destroys the condition which can often disappear as it is being treated. One treatment can sometimes be enough although further treatments may be necessary depending on the severity of the problem. The treatment itself is a little uncomfortable but easily tolerated. There are minimal after effects, with a little tightness and scabbing to be expected with some of the conditions.
Our advanced skin specialists offer a full consultation to discuss the area you are looking to treat and advise on the best process.


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