Just Launched – Brow Sculpt by HD Brows

After much anticipation Siobhan are extremely talented HD Brow artist has just launched Brow Sculpt by HD Brows into the Boutique and to say were excited is an understatement!

There has been lots of speculation about this treatment as Brow Lamination as it can be called has had some bad press alongside all the hype.  It has been used maybe for the over exaggerated look if you can call it that and on big brows this can be a very bold look which not all clients are looking for of course.

So since returning Siobhan has Brow Sculpted Amy which has been perfect for her downward growing hairs (pesky to say the least) and transformed her brows plus creating a fuller look without pencil now all the brows are lifted.

The lovely Emily also had hers done, with a slightly fuller brow, Emily has just gone for a subtle lift and it just suits her Brows so well..

Beth is lined up for hers next week and a couple of our wonderful clients have also tried it…..needless to say this is going to be one of our favorite treatments to hit the Boutique and we are the first and currently only place to offer this service in Colchester, Essex.

What does Siobhan say?

Brow Sculpt is the HD Brows method of brow lamination. The treatment allows us to reset the brows to your desired position whether that’s the brushed up look or a subtle change to the brow shape, we can fix unruly brows to a straighter more uniform look, which is a great solution to correcting your stubborn brow hairs! Alternatively, Brow Sculpt can lift your brows if you are wanting to follow the on-trend look of fluffy, lifted brows instantly making the brows appear fuller. This allows you to have more versatility in the shape of your brows meaning this is a great add on to your HD Brow treatment or alternatively you can have the Brow Sculpt as a treatment on its own.


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