Lets talk Intimate waxing.

One of our most popular beauty treatments within the Boutique and can still be a little Taboo to some.

For us this is one of the most effective, quick and instant treatments we offer with regular clients experiencing less hair growth, finer hair growth and a completely smooth finish unlike shaving.

We completely understand that clients who have not had this before or have maybe even had a bad experience could be nervous and unsure.

All of our waxer’s are highly experienced and confident waxer’s, trained both in and out of house and we ourselves have our own accredited training program for waxing which all of our therapists go through once they join us.

Whats the difference between a Hollywood & Brazilian?

Our Hollywood wax is everything off front and back. We aim to leave not one hair.

Our Brazilian wax is everything off apart from a small strip/triangle left in the middle to your desired look.


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