Naturopathic Nutrition – Kaikins Nutrition

Introducing Kay ‘Kaikins Nutrition to our team’.

We teamed up with Kay to offer our patients a full round bodied experience.  Often skin conditions such as Acne and Ezcema can be controlled not only through our Skin Care regimes and treatments but also focusing on our gut health, diet and much more.

In addition Kay helps her patients with many other conditions and those of which we see on a regular basis in our clinics such as PCOS, Menopause, Hair Loss and IBS to name a few.

“My purpose is to support and guide people back to feeling ‘whole’, because everybody deserves to feel good. I truly believe we should be able to deal and overcome our health struggles rather than living with them”

Book an introductory 30 minute consultation with Kay to explore what she can offer and support you with.

Kay also features on our blogs and we work closely with her throughout our clinics to support our skin patients where needed.

Read one of Kay’s latest articles written for the Vitaligo Magazine – Click Here

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