Skin Diagnostic

Our Skin diagnostic offers you your very own personalised facial analysis and diagnostics program.

We want you to achieve your best skin & look and feel great. With advanced technology, our Skin Diagnostics Machine can look deeper into the skin than ever before.

What’s involved?

A full in depth consultation with your Skin Specialist will include analysis of the skin including wrinkle depth, keratin and hydration percentage, the size of the pores and amount of pigmentation in the different layers of the skin. The system will also record your progress so we can look back through your skin journey and see your improvements. You will also receive your own personal record of your Skin Diagnostics to take home as well as homecare advice and a treatment plan.


  • Your own personalised diagnostics
  • Treatment plan
  • Homecare advice
  • Product recommendation
  • Your own copy of your Diagnostics
  • Professional advice

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