Lock brows in place, ALL day!

Recently over on our instagram story we were talking about the Hd Brow product ‘Brow Glue’.

This product is especially great during these lockdown times where we are unable to come out and have our favourite Hd Brow treatments.

This product is perfect for clients who had been having our new Hd Brow ‘Sculpt’ treatment too, which is a form of ‘lamination’ on the brows.

Our brow queen Siobhan has given us a little low down on the brow glue….

” I love the Brow glue! It is the latest product to be released by HD Brows. It moves hairs to the desired position and locks them in place all day with its super-strong setting power. It’s easy to apply and dries quickly. It creates a fluffier brow if brushed upwards for the fuller look or can be used to tame unruly hairs. It’s a great way to trial the fuller brow look before committing to HD sculpt treatment.”


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