The Truth Behind Bad Skin Habits

Do you have any ‘bad skin habits’?.

Maybe you do but are not actually aware that you do…hmm. Let’s look into these in more detail.


Here are some of our top ‘bad skin habits’ to ditch straight away…

*Touching your face alot

*Not properly cleansing your skin

*Using products that contain alcohol

*Picking and squeezing your skin

*Not changing your pillow cases regularly

*Not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly

*Sleeping in your makeup

 1. Touching your face alot. – Touching your skin alot through the day may seem like a natural thing to do, but if we actually think about this, throughout the day you will have been in contact with a number of different objects which will all harbour bacteria. This bacteria can then be transferred onto your skin and will cause irritation, breakouts and down right dirty. Ew!

2. Not properly cleansing your skin. – When we say to cleanse your skin, we mean to do a ‘double cleanse’…simply to cleanse and then cleanse again. This ensures a thorougher clean, removing all bacteria, dirt, grease and makeup from the day. Not forgetting to perform a double cleanse in the morning to set your skin up right for the start of the day. Not cleansing properly will leave the skin prone to breakouts, blocked pores, blackheads and poor tone and texture. No one wants dull, dreary, dirty skin!

3. Using products that contain alcohol. – To put it simply, using skincare products that contain alcohol, will strip the skin of all its natural oils and upset the balance of the skin. This will leave it feeling tight, irritated, sensitive and prone to further unwanted skin conditions. Check your products for any alcohol content!

4. Picking and squeezing your skin. – As tempting as it is (and we are all guilty of it at some point), we must resist the urge to pick and squeeze. This will result in scaring on the skin and bacteria being spread around the face causing blemishes and breakouts. Believe us, we have seen it in the skin clinic!.

5. Not changing your pillow cases regularly. – Again, you may think, “I do change them regularly..”, but how regular is regular?? Changing them on weekly basis would be ideal to make sure your skin isn’t sleeping in bacteria, dead skin and any dirt. Clean pillow, clean skin at night! (after double cleansing of corse!)

6. Not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. – Similar to the previous point, our makeup brushes will hold on to old makeup and harbour bacteria which will then be repeatedly brushed around the skin when we apply our makeup if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria!

7. Sleeping in your makeup. – Need we say more… if you want dirty breakout skin, this is the way to go. Double cleanse all the way!



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