Do You Sometimes Lose Your Lashes More Times Than Others?

Do you know that our lashes have their very own lash growth cycle?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you lose more lashes and lash extensions at different times?

One lash infill could last perfectly and other times you may feel you have more gaps and that that lash infill treatment hasn’t lasted as well?

This could all be down to the ‘lash growth cycle’.

As a client, we feel it is important to educate you guys in understanding the lash growth cycle when it comes to the lash services that we offer.

Let’s explore this….

As we all know, our hair continuously grows every day, this include our lashes. They grow, they shed, they grow and so on. During the lash growth cycle, there are different stages called Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

Anagen – This is the actual growing stage of the hair. This stage starts when the hair is brand new. It will then continue to grow for roughly 4-6 weeks until it begins the next stage…

Catagen –ย This is the transition phase, the lash has stopped growing but isn’t yet ready to shed. The hair follicle will start to shrink, making room for the new hair to start growing underneath it. This stage usually lasts between 2-3 weeks. If the hair has been pulled or plucked out during this stage, then the new hair will not grow and come through until the due course has been taken.

Telogen – This is the final stage in the cycle, known as the resting phase. This is where the lash is literally resting until the new hair underneath has grown and is ready to push out the old lash. This will then cause shedding of the lashes. This is also the longest phase of the lash cycle and the lash will eventually fall out.


So what does this all mean when it comes to the lash treatments you have?

With lash extensions, from one infill to the next, you may find that some times you lose more lashes and not so many on other times. This can be depending on where the individual lash is in its growth cycle at the time. If it’s at the stage where it’s nearly on its way out when the lash extensions are applied then that lash extension will come out when the natural lash does in a few days.

When it comes to our LVL lash lifting treatment, sometimes you may feel like the treatment hasn’t lasted as long as other times? This can simply be due to the lash cycle again. When the natural lash is ready to fall out that will then leave the new lash coming through, which of corse wont have had the LVL lift treatment on it which will leave you feeling the lashes may have dropped. This is not the case.

When and if this does happen, it is usually very unnoticeable, and it is a natural process which we cannot stop. It does not stop you achieving the beautiful lash look that you desire.



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