HD Brow Sculpt….. through the eyes of a stylist.

In the words of our lovely Boutique brow queen Siobhan….

BROWS BROWS BROWS… I live and breathe brows! So, when I heard that HD brows were introducing a new treatment called Brow sculpt, I was super excited!

This is HD brows take on ‘lamination’. What’s great about sculpt is that it makes the hairs flexible to move around, not necessarily stuck in a certain position, if you don’t want them to be! You can move them to sit exactly where you want. This will help you create your desired position for up to 6 weeks.


What’s the difference between a standard HD brow treatment and the HD sculpt? Well… Sculpt is great for creating a fuller, more textured brow. Saying that, it doesn’t have to be that you necessarily want your brows to be any fuller, it could be that you just want your brows to sit differently to how they already do.

A lot of brows have more downward facing or unruly hairs and sculpt is great to make the brows sit more uniform. Whereas a standard HD brow treatment is great if you want to keep it a little more natural and just work with the brows you have already got. Some brows need a little extra help and that is where sculpt comes in great.


Brows are so important as they frame our face. It can be a scary thought to let someone loose on your brows for the first time but this is why we take the time to have a consultation with you as not everyone wants the same brow, so we find out exactly what it is you want from your treatment. As your stylist, I get so much enjoyment in seeing your brows transform more and more every time you come to see me and hopefully create that perfect brow for you!


I have a lot of people that come to me and think they haven’t even got enough brow hairs to have the sculpt treatment done… trust me, you do! We will find those hairs and bring them forward and create a brow you had previously only dreamed of! With a little help from makeup at the end of treatment, you will be amazed how much fuller your brows can look.

Personally, I love the sculpt treatment… and so do my clients! Come in and see me, (when we can reopen of course), and we can have a chat about your brows and work out which treatment would suit your brows better.

Siobhan, your brow stylist x





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