Have your Beauty products expired?? 

Have your Beauty products expired?? 

Who knew that all of our beauty products, which we can’t live without on a daily basis may i add, all have a ‘shelf life’..’use by date’..’a best before date’, and well, can eventually go on the turn? Yuck! 

Whilst flicking through a recent copy of a professional beauty magazine I was surprised to see that 23% of us Brits use expired products on our skin…shock! 

It then went on to say that 17% of people would carry on using their products until they appear “off”, (that’s going ‘on the turn’ I mentioned). Lets face it, we are all guilty of going to use a product be it a face cream or a self tanning product that we haven’t used or even seen for years, opened it and smelt it to check its still ok to use!? And the answer will more than likely be NO..it has expired! 

Using out of date products can be harmful to our skin, not only can it potentially cause breakouts and bacterial infections, but if its a product that contains an SPF then the effectiveness of this protection will disappear over time. 

Under the EU Cosmetic Regulations companies are required to include lifespan dates on their products, and some may even have a ‘period after opening’ or a ‘best before the end of’ date.

So while we now all rush to check our stacks of beauty products, let’s remember, they do not last for ever..(sad face), and just like the milk in our fridge..they will go off!   



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