Intimate waxing not for you?…It should be!

Are you scared of having your first intimate wax? Think shaving is quicker and easier? or has a friends ‘bad’ wax experience put you off? Honestly, wax is the way to go, all day every day!

Don’t you just dream of going on holiday (I think we all do in these current times!) and not having to worry about putting on a bikini and hoping your hairs aren’t on show or even the dark shadow that comes with shaving? Gone are the days that you need to even pack your razor as soon as you start waxing!

Intimate waxing can be daunting but believe me when I say it gets easier. Everyone has to go through that first initial wax and we know it can be scary. Whether it be that you’re worried about the pain or that you don’t want to have to get your bits out and feel embarrassed! Probably both… but you have to remember that we do this as our job and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Us girls that are trained to do your waxing also we all have our waxing done and every time you come to see us you will get more comfortable as you will know what to expect. The more you wax, the finer and sparser the hairs become. So as long as you keep on top of your waxing and get into a routine of having it regularly it will get easier and easier. Set in our dedicated private wax room we use the finest wax along with our high standard waxing techniques that will get you questioning why you put this off for so long. 

‘Why should I wax instead of shaving?’

Shaving is so harsh on your skin. It causes irritation straight after and also as the hairs grow back. Shaving rash is very common and a lot of people suffer with it and it can be very painful. When you realise how much kinder to your skin waxing is you will never look back. The hairs typically take about 2 weeks to start growing back after waxing as opposed to shaving which can be the same day! Trust me when I say you will never go back to shaving after experiencing the benefits of waxing!

‘I don’t want to have to leave the hair to grow in between waxing’

This is something everyone says before they start waxing. The first time you ever have waxing, we are pulling the hair straight from the hair follicle for the first time meaning that the hair grows back a lot finer. Therefore between waxes the hairs are so soft that you don’t mind them being there as much. When shaving, the hairs are so coarse because you are just chopping the tops off instead of taking them from the root. They become ‘blunt’ which is why your skin will feel ‘rough and spikey’ when they start to grow back. It is worth putting up with the soft hairs for a few weeks to have those other few weeks of NO HAIR!!!

If you are really nervous and don’t want to go straight in with having ALL hair waxed off, then start with a bikini line/high bikini and work your way up to a full brazillian/hollywood when you feel you have a little more confidence. Any questions or worries that you may have, us girls are more than happy to answer them for you and give you as much reassurance as possible.


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