A Place To Relax, Unwind And Switch Off…

We are so excited to finally introduce to you…Our Holistic Hub!

A place dedicated for you to experience pure indulgence. Now launched in our Boutique The Holistic Hub offers combined therapies such as Massage, Indian Head, Reflexology and Light therapy to help with mood, muscle and joint pain, all on dedicated weekdays and one Sunday a month. 

We have been busy revamping one of our rooms and making plans to create a hugely indulgent and relaxing experience in order to offer combined therapies to target both your mental and physical well-being. Our combined therapies provide tailor-made treatments for each individual, targeting areas of concern and enhancing relaxation.  

To give you more insight of some of the treatments we will be offering:


We offer both light and deep tissue massages. Light tissue techniques focus on relaxation, whereas deep tissue targets muscles pain and reduces stiffness. Massage can lower blood and heart pressure and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Indian Head Massage

This treatment focuses on pressure points in the head, neck and shoulders. It reduces headaches and can improve hair growth and scalp condition. Indian Head Massage stimulates lymphatic draining and can relieve symptoms of insomnia and fatigue. It is a deeply calming experience leaving you feeling revitalised. 


Reflexology is a type of massage where different amounts of pressure are applied to the feet. It improves your general emotional well-being, by removing feelings of stress and anxiety, relieving pain and increasing energy levels. It can seek out areas of concern such as bowel issues or general upset.

Light Therapy

Using LED light, light therapy is used to help treat skin conditions but to also enhance mood and help with muscle and joint pain. We use this medically certified treatment combined with our other therapies to enhance your experience.

In the hands of our skilled technicians, all of the procedures are safe, and most important relaxing. 


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