Hd Brow Tec or Brow Define? Which is your go to?

Our Hd Brow treatments sure are popular here in the Boutique.

After we have transformed our clients brows it is important to us that our clients feel confident that they can maintain their brows at home without the aid of their brow stylist (if only we could have our own personal brow stylists on hand at home each day!).

Choosing the correct home care product for each individual client is important. We want our clients to love the product they are using and to get the best out of it.

We have 2 main brow pencils that we use in our Hd Brow treatments and that we recommend for the client to continue to use at home.

Lets look at the differences between them….

Brow tec

A creamy pencil easy to control and apply, used to create hair strokes or shading the brows. Can move product around easily once applied by brushing through the brow using the brush attached to the end of the tec which creates a softer look. This can also be used to create a more defined brow as it gives great coverage.

This is our most used HD product. Itโ€™s such a good all rounder as you can create different looks with it. The creamy formula gives a soft finish which is easy to blend and soften using the brush attached to the end of the tec.

The brow tec comes in six shades, smoke, bombshell, foxy, vamp, siren, raven.

Brow define

Brow define creates a softer/powdery finish but can still create a depth to the brows.

Great to fill in sparse areas of the brows. Needs sharpening on every use to create an easier/sharper tip to use through the brows.

Very easy to use at home for someone who doesnโ€™t find it easy to create a very defined brow or just wanting a softer brow.

Which pencil are you? ?



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