Has lockdown changed your lash preference?

Lashes have always been a popular treatment at the boutique as we offer so many different looks and styles, but how has lockdown changed our clients preference of which lash look they want?

Since the pandemic, we have all had to embrace our natural beauty and as a result of this our amazing treatment that is LVL lashes has become more popular than ever! This is a little to no maintenance treatment that enhances your natural lashes. Even some of our regular lash extension clients have now been loving the LVL treatment due to not having to worry about the potential of another lockdown and not being able to come in for their regular infill treatment.

We hope once things return to some normality then our clients can enjoy both treatments, maybe LVL lashes regularly and extensions for holidays, parties, special occasions.

So what is the difference between LVL lashes and eyelash extensions?

LVL is a lift and tint of your natural eyelashes which really opens up the eyes. This is a gentle enhancement and gives the appearance of longer lashes without adding any extensions. The tint part of the treatment holds huge importance to this treatment as this is what really accentuates the length of your lashes once the treatment is finished The very tips of eyelashes can be very fair so once that tint is on, they instantly look longer! 

As previously mentioned, there is very little maintenance after treatment. For the first 48 hours, you have to ensure you keep them dry and after that they will be set in place and you can wash off the nourishing serum that we applied and fluff out those lashes again. 

This is a treatment that you can have every 6-8 weeks if you want to keep that lifted look! 

Aftercare is always given in depth after treatment.

Eyelash extensions can create many different looks using the power of our synthetic eyelashes. Using different lengths, thickness and curls, we can create a bespoke finish to achieve the look you want whether this be a natural soft finish or a fuller, fluffier finish. 

To maintain your eyelash extensiona, you need to visit for infills approximately every 2 weeks. This is to ensure you keep on top of the fullness of your lashes and in this time we also remove some of the lashes that have grown out. 

These lashes are very popular whenever our clients have events on, holidays, party season, weddings etc and also just in every day life as they give you that mascara look even on waking! 

So if you are new to lashes then LVL can be a great place to start your lash journey, Starting  naturally and then when you then have a special event, you could glam up a little more and try some extensions. 

But remember, eyelash extensions can also be a natural look if you choose our tahitian, individual or half set of russian lashes. 

Before coming in for a lash treatment, have a look at our instagram for some lash inspo as we post a variety of our lashes and see which you like the look of most. This can help us have an idea of exactly the look you are after.


Natural LVL lash lift or…

Fluffy lash extensions.


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