Welcome the first day of Winter!

So here it is the first day of winter and time to make sure we are wrapping up warm and spraying plenty of de-frizz in our hair in preparation for the wind and rain!

Personally when winter falls my favorites things are to indulge in hot chocolate & Baileys, sit in front of the fire as much as I possibly can and watch film after film whilst stuffing my face with chocolate.

However this year, my top tips to myself plus anyone who would like to know are as follows:

1. Start every day with a warm lemon water to kick start my system

2. Ensure I always have a lip balm to hand as dry chapped lips are one of my pet hate list

3. Change my emulsion to a richer cream to add that extra layer of comfort in the cold and rain

4. Religiously use sleeping oil or ampules on my skin overnight to give it that extra helping hand

5. Drink as much water as I possibly can even though its so cold…..

8. Use a sleep mask to warm & relax my tired eyes after a long day at work

The End!


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