‘Skin’..through the eyes of a 13 year old!

We are coming to the end of our skin campaign. We have loved giving you information and advice over the last couple of weeks that we hope has been of some interest to you and has helped in some way.

We have had some good responses to our ‘teenage skin rescue packs’. It’s great that we have been able to help some of you in managing your skin at home!

We had a chat (virtually of course), to one of our young teens, Sasha, who sampled one of our rescue packs at home. We then followed up with a few questions around the topic of  ‘skin confidence’. We love getting feedback!

Here’s what Sasha had to say about her skin rescue pack.

“Thank you for my skin rescue pack. I absolutely loved the cleanser, mask and moisturiser! My skin feels so soft and hydrated afterwards and it’s not shiny atal. I love skincare, I would definitely continue with these products.”

…And then we asked her these questions…

As a young teen, how important is it for your self confidence that your skin looks and feels a certain way?

Sasha- ” I would say its fairly important to get self confidence from your skin, because if your skin looks and feels good then you feel good.”

If you have a question about your skin, are you likely to ask for help from a parent, see what your friends are doing or would you search online for help? Or maybe you would say nothing? 

Sasha- “I would ask my mum but I do also spend alot of time searching online and following my favourite influences on Instagram and YouTube.”

To help look after your skin, would you rather have something quick and easy to use in the shower or would you prefer a full range of products to spend time over?

Sasha- “Because I love all types of products, makeup and skin, I would prefer a full range of products that I can spend time on and enjoy using. “

What’s the most important thing to you about your skin?

Sasha- “For me I think its the way it looks and feels. I feel good if it looks good.”

Thank you Sasha! 

Although these are the answers from just one young lady, (I know everyone is different and would have different answers of course), but my aim here was to get a little knowledge of how a teen thinks in this day and age about their skin. To see if they would still speak to a parent if their skin is bothering them or if they would immerse themselves purely into the online world of influencers. To see if they agree that how their skin looks does have an effect on their confidence and if they would like to know more about products suited for them.

Even though our skin campaign is finishing, we can still offer you lots of advice and answer any questions you may have about any skin concerns. When we can, come in for a skin consultation, or we can do a virtual one over zoom in these current times. Follow our page on instagram @amygordonskinclinic, related to all things skin for latest advice, top products and treatments and more.

For now, heres Sasha giving us her best face mask wearing selfie…



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