How Do You Remove A Skin Tag?

Firstly, Skin tags are a very common. We see them so often in the skin clinic and they are quick and easy to remove.

They can appear on all areas of the body but are commonly found on the neck, underarms and can also appear on the torso and legs.


As you can see from this picture, this client had a number of skin tags on her neck, so, how did we remove them??


The removal process

Within our Skin Clinic we run our Skin Blemish Removal Clinic where we use one of the most effective methods of skin tag removal. We use our Sterex advanced electrolysis machine using a method called Diathermy.

The skin tag is cauterised using a minute needle. A small amount of current is passed through the needle to cauterise the skin tag, and it is then removed with minimal discomfort and leaves no scarring. The procedure is quick and easy and we can accurately target each skin tag individually and remove many in one session. It is such a great method of removal as the results are instant. A small amount of redness may be present in the area that has been treated which soon disappears.

This picture was taken immediately after treatment and as you can see, the skin tags have been removed. This was in one session, and there is redness present.

We offer skin tag removal in our Skin Clinic which is a safe, sterile environment and carried out by our qualified, knowledgeable and experienced aesthetic practitioner Amy.



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