What products should I use to help my oily and breakout skin?

If you have been following our recent ‘Teenage Skin Campaign’ over our social media sites, you will have seen lots of advice for an oily, problematic or acne skin. We have talked about the ‘why’s, the how’s, the do’s and the dont’s surrounding this skin type and its conditions.

As we come to the end of the campaign we shall leave you with a run down on our top products we have spoken about to help you along the way in managing your skin…

Our Skeyndor Clear Balance Range – suitable for an oily, problematic, acne skin.

Clear Balance Pure Cleansing Foam – Daily refreshing cleansing foam to clean away oil, bacteria and impurities from the skin.

Clear Balance Pore Normalising Factor – A serum come toner to help minimise shine, refine pores and regulate excess oil production.

Clear Balance Pure Defence Gel – A gel formula moisturiser, with a matt finish, SPF15 and oil free.


Our Skeyndor Aquatherm Range – suitable for someone who is sensitive and prone to oiliness.

Aquatherm Thermal Cleansing Gel – A daily soothing gel wash to clean away bacteria, oil and impurities from the skin.

Aquatherm Thermal Concentrate Water – Spring water toner, spritz daily to instantly hydrate, calm and restore skins natural wellbeing.

Aquatherm Re-Balancing Gentle Cream F1 – Daily moisturiser to help balance the skins oil and moisture levels. oil free and hydrating while leaving a matt finish.


Added extras for your routine to step it up…

Skeyndor UNIQCURE SOS Recovering Concentrate – 7 day treatment programme, use one ampule a day to help calm, protect and restore a sensitive and reactive skin.

Skeyndor UNIQCURE Mattifying Pore Refining Concentrate – 7 day treatment programme, use one ampule a day to help close and refine the appearance of open pores and regulate excess oil.

ย Skeyndor MyMask Dark Charcoal Purifying Mask – a 5 minute clay texture facial mask that scrubs and peels while purifying and balances the skin. Draws out impurities for a uniformed and balanced skin.

Our campaign might be finishing soon but of course we are still here to answer any questions and offer more advice if you would like about your skin, and don’t forget our virtual skin consultations are still available while we are closed.

Visit our online shop on our website if you would like any of these products and start your journey towards a healthy skin!

Good skincare + good skin habits = happy and healthy skin !


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