Part 1 of…’An honest journey of one girl and her skin’.  

Everyone has had a time when they have looked in the mirror and have been unhappy with the way their skin looks. Well, apart from the odd lucky few who have the ‘perfect’ skin, trust us the majority of people have experienced a ‘bad skin day’. The way our skin looks on a daily basis can knock our confidence and even stop some of us from leaving the house. Just makes us feel totally rubbish to be honest. Who can identify with this? 

About a year ago our lovely client Steph, plucked up the courage to sit down, remove her ‘doublewear foundation’ and speak to us about her concerns about her skin. We carried out a full skin consultation and skin diagnostic which helped us look deeper into her skin and understand exactly what we could do to help. Together we set out a plan to start her on a course of facials along with some homecare products to carry on the treatment at home. Steph was fully on board and ready to start this journey to achieving the skin results that she was so desperate for. It was exciting for us as we knew that we would be able to help her with our amazing result driven skincare brand Skeyndor!    

We asked Steph if she would write up her skin journey for us to be able to show you all how far she has come and to let you all see that together with some background knowledge, a good set of homecare products and a regular facial treatment then your ‘perfect’ skin is not necessarily 100 miles away!  Read and enjoy!

Let’s start at the beginning…in the words of Steph:

I have struggled with my skin since the age 12, of course at that age everyone puts it down to puberty and you are told for years that ‘you will grow out of it’, unfortunately for me that didn’t happen. I suffered with large blemishes, redness and enlarged pores. At the age of 13/14 I started using heavy foundations to cover my skin to try and hide the problem areas. As I got older the amount of makeup increased and my skin of course did not improve. 

In terms of skin care I always took my makeup off before bed, tried various washes, cleansers, moisturisers so on paper I was doing everything I should have been doing to prevent blemishes but no joy. For a number of years I used quite expensive products that I was sold to help with ‘sensitive, oily skin ‘. I was willing to pay any price to see improvement. I used these product’s for approximately 3 years and saw no change. I altered between different foundation brands in-between to see if this would help – it didn’t. I was extremely self-conscious refusing to leave the house without makeup on etc.

I went for a facial at a spa one day and they recommended that I tried using another range of products that were more simple and not full of chemicals which may calm things down. It was less than half the price and again I was willing to try anything, I used these for a few more years and I didn’t see the results I was hoping for. In amongst this time I tried using lots of other different product ranges – nothing worked, if anything each time I changed the products my skin flared up even more. After spending hundreds of pounds on different products I decided to pick one and stick with it and come to the realisation that I was obviously cursed to have bad skin forever. Dramatic but that was how I felt.

I started going to the Beauty Boutique, that was their name back then, around 5 years ago now, for lashes, waxing, spray tans and nails. All of the girls are lovely and I got talking to Laura about my skin and the struggles I had. She explained that they used a brand called ‘Skeyndor’. I had never heard of this brand, it isn’t stocked in any high street stores. I listened to the different facials and types of products that they stocked but insisted that nothing worked for me and I had tried everything previously! 

After a few more visits and more discussions around my skin type and routine I decided to go for an initial consultation and facial treatment to see how I felt. The facial was very soothing and calming on my skin and it seemed to be slightly less red afterwards. On the back of this treatment I decided to give it one last go and booked 6 of the deep cleansing facials one per week for 6 weeks to kick start things. I bought 4 products from the clear balance range to use alongside the facials everyday, a wash, toner, day and night and moisturiser. Laura was very good with managing my expectations and told me not to panic if I didn’t see results instantly I needed to go through the process.

At the end of the 6 weeks my skin was much calmer, blemishes had decreased, and my skin was slightly less red, it still wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted it to be but with before and after pictures I could definitely see a difference and some improvement. I continued to use the clear balance range religiously every day and as time went on the results continued my skin was going from strength to strength. 

I am now 2 years on and when I look at the initial before and after pictures I do not recognise myself. Of course I still get spots here and there and my skin will have good and bad days as we all do, but it is dramatically different and I now use the full Clear Balance range daily with a few added extras. 

 I have naturally added more products to my collection over the years as new products come out and as my skin improves I can try new things. What I also love is I never feel as though I am being sold to, anything I am recommended is to genuinely help and is because I have asked.

For anyone that has suffered with bad skin it becomes such a big thing, it’s your face at the end of the day which is constantly on show, it’s painful and a daily battle to cover.

I cannot thank all the girls enough at clinic & beauty for giving me my confidence back, I now leave the house with no make-up on, I am in a great routine and my skin continues to improve every day. I can’t recommend the Boutique and Skeyndor enough.”



Once we had completed this course of treatment, we then sat down again with Steph and looked at where we could go next. Our plan was to put Steph on a course of our Dermapeel Pro peeling treatment.This multilayered sequential peel has 5 peeling techniques with high acid concentrations to renew, brighten and alleviate blemishes and scars, just to name a few, and all this with no down time. We carried out this treatment for Steph every 2 weeks, she had 6 of these peels. Steph also introduced a few of the Dermapeel pro products, on our recommendation, into her daily routine to sit alongside her clear balance products. The two ranges work well together and these products were now to help with the scarring left over from blemishes and to help renew her skin.       

When we see Steph now she is loving her new improved skin, sometimes coming in to the salon makeup free! This would never have happened a few years ago and it’s so lovely to see. She is still using all her products, I know she wouldn’t use anything else now. Steph is now in the middle of our Comcit Crystal Clear Elite facial course which includes microdermabrasion, microneedling and oxygen therapy, phew! It’s our facial of all facials! Once she has completed this course Steph will continue with part 2 of her skin journey for us so we can share this to you all! We look forward to seeing her results.


To be continued…………….


Team clinic & beauty & the lovely Steph x










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