Part 2 of…’An honest journey to one girl and her skin’.

Recently we shared a story about one of our lovely clients’ Steph and her skin journey and experiences. Steph came to us regularly before this journey to have other treatments and she would speak to us each time about her skin. We advised her what we could offer and basically that’s where it all began. 

If you followed our Part 1 of ‘An honest journey of one girl and her skin’, you will have read about the course of treatments she had followed as well as the homecare products she was using. At the end of part 1 she had just finished a course of the Skeyndor Derma Peel Pro and was still using her Skeyndor products daily. She had said that she had felt so much more confident about her skin and even though she would still get the occasional breakout like everyone, she was even happy to leave the house occasionally without any makeup on! Who else would love to say that? 

Now for round 2 as we continue Steph’s journey…    


Back again…In the words of Steph:

“Off the back of my Skeyndor success I recently embarked on the next step of my skin journey, this time to help tackle the redness and scarring left behind from my bad skin days. I started a course of the Crystal Clear Frozen Elite facial which included a mix of microdermabrasion, microneedling and Oxygen, finished with Dermalux light therapy.

After my treatments I now feel like I have a new face! My skin feels so much flatter and smoother and also looks much calmer and less red. This is at times uncomfortable during parts of the treatment but if you are anything like me you’ll try anything once and when you see the results, pain is most definitely beauty! I felt completely at ease the whole way through the treatment and the girls were great at explaining what was coming next and most importantly exactly what each part of the treatment would help with.

I continue to use the clear balance Skeyndor range at home which I love and I always make sure I take off my makeup and clean my face properly before I go to bed. I can definitely see the benefit of having these additional facials with the microneedling and microdermabrasion on top of my daily routine to keep my skin fresh. It seems to manage the scarring and take down any redness so well.

These days, sometimes I now feel completely comfortable enough to go out for lunch in public with not a scrap of makeup on, something that I would have never dreamed of doing a few years ago.  

I can’t thank clinic & beauty enough for introducing me to these different treatments and skin care range and can’t wait to continue to try any new treatments that I am recommended.”


Wow, Steph has been on such a journey and it’s been a pleasure from all of us at clinic & beauty to have helped and guided her all the way through with her. It’s been great to see her with so much more confidence and feel so much happier with her skin. Happy face!

We wanted to share this amazing skin story with you all to not only share Steph’s journey but to also encourage you to reach out if you are unhappy with your skin or would like some advice.   

If you want to feel more confident with your skin or you might even want the option to potentially have a makeup free day, then please come in to see us. One of our skin specialists will be here to give advice and organise a treatment plan for you and help guide you through looking after your skin at home. We are always here to help.  

Skincare is a big passion of ours at clinic & beauty so give your skin a little love!


Team clinic & beauty x   



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