Introducing the Invisible protection Spray SPF 50

Whether you’ve got a holiday planned or just plan on spending the summer in the UK, it’s important to stay protected in the sun.

Without spoiling the summer vibes, sun protection is vital to prevent you from suffering from ageing skin, dehydration sunburn and in the worst case, skin cancers.

Skeyndor has a new edition to the Sun Expertise range; The Invisible Protective Sun Spray SPF50!

What’s great about the new Invisible Protective Sun Spray SPF50 is that it works with a three layer barrier system to protect your skin from the sun.

The three layer barrier system works as follows:

First barrier:

UVA + UVB photoprotection

Second barrier: 

Infrared radiation photoprotection

Third barrier:

Action against photo ageing

The three layer barrier system constitutes to the high level of sun protection you’ll receive when using The Invisible Protective Sun Spray SPF 50; making this product ideal for high risk and sensitive skin.


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