Anna’s favorite product 2014!

I can definitely say that this is my new favorite product for 2014.

Just before heading off for a weekend away I realised that I was as white as a sheet and hadn’t left myself enough time to have a spray tan done, so instead treated myself (off the shelf at the boutique) to this moisturiser which is also a tan.

I was really impressed with the results especially as I went for the โ€˜warmโ€™ colour which is the lighter shade and I am used to a darker tan. I applied this the night before we went a way. I used it in the way that I would with any tan. I wore gloves to avoid any on the palms of my hands, rubbed it in nice and evenly and left it on overnight.

I woke up the next day with no tan smell or marks on my bedding but just a nice healthy glow. In fact my friend thought I had had a light spray tan done. The best bit about it was that it lasted for the 3 days that we were away, and I just topped it up when we got home as it had started to evenly fade away.

I really would recommend this to anyone. Its odourless, colourless, easy to apply and fades away with no patches.

Easiest and BEST tanning product I have ever used.

Anna x
(Skin & Body Specialist)


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