My Vita Liberata

As you all know we have recently launched Vita Liberata here at The Beauty Boutique. Obviously we would never take on a new treatment before trying it out ourselves first!!

I had my first Vita Liberata tan last week by the amazing Anna. After much deliberation I decided upon the medium Equador shade, I was slightly worried at first as I was having it done before work and was expecting some funny looks as in the past my spray tan always seems to make me look dirty and smelly later on in the day. Immediately I was impressed with the results, the tan came out with a natural sunkissed look and all day everyone kept asking if I had just got back off holiday, everyone seemed surprised when I said it was fake. It was completely odorless and didnt even start to smell as time went on which is always a massive plus!

Once I washed the initial base tan off I was just as happy and I have had constant compliments all week. The best bit was not having to scrub it off as it just faded completely evenly.

Now the sun is out and its almost time to ditch the coats and jackets Vita Liberta is the perfect tan to give you a healthy glow

Come and try for yourselves!

Ciara x
(Front of House)


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