Why Vita Liberata Invisi Tan is our new beauty obsession

Now that the summer is finally here all we can think about is ‘Getting That Glow’. Finding the right tan for you can be a challenge and get it wrong, you’ll know about it!


If you’re not leaving it up to one of our professionals in the salon and opt for a home tan, then look no further than Invisi Tan!

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Everyone’s going mad for Invisi Tan & here’s why…

The tan goes onto the skin clear which means no transfer! Correct. Your favourite silky Pjs, that freshly washed crisp bedding & those new white towels. No transfer!

Super easy to use & hydrating too, you will transform into a bronzed goddess overnight! Invisi Tan is 90% organic, odourless & fast drying.

How to use

  • Make sure skin is clean and well prepped before applying Invisi Tan. You may need to exfoliate prior to this if you feel your skin is a little on the dry side.
  • Apply Invisi Tan onto your Tanning Mitt and blend into the skin using circular movements.
  • As Invisi Tan is clear its best to apply the tan in front of a mirror and use the damp mark on your skin as a guideline.
  • Pop on your favourite PJs and it’s off to bed!
  • Wake up beautifully bronzed!


Invisi Tan will last on your skin for around 5 days and can be topped up when its starts to fade!

All Vita Liberata products are Vegan Friendly & Cruelty free! Another reason why we love them!

invisi tan

Purchase all your favourite Vita Liberata products in The Boutique!

Invisi Tan – £25.00

Luxury Tanning Mitt – £5.00


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