Why not to wear makeup while exercising!

We all worry about going out bare faced and we always see ladies with a full face of makeup in the gym….this is a no no.

When we work out our skin gets hot and we start to sweat (if we are working ourselves hard enough) 😉 This causes our pores to relax and enlarge slightly. Our skin will easily then get blocked with foundations and and other make up products causing blackheads and maybe even spots…our enemy’s!

Make sure you still cleanse your face in the morning, or if you have come from work bring your cleansing routine with you, and then also after you have exercised!

If the thought of going bare faced is just too much, here at The Beauty Boutique we have some treatments that will leave you feeling confident to leave without your daily makeup routine….

*LVL lashes…..no extensions, no fuss, a lash lifting treatment from the root, including a tint lasting 6-8 weeks.


*High Defintion Brows….a 7 step treatment for the perfect brows.

*Skeyndor facials… a range of facials to suit you…helping to hydrate, clear congestion or even out your skin tone….we have something to suit all.



With a little help from a few of our treatments, you can leave to go to the gym, out for a run or a walk with the dog not feeling completely face naked and with skin confidence! 


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