What’s your favorite summer must have?

In typical fashion we had to be greedy and have two because neither can be left behind for our summer holidays this year.

Aquatherm Thermal Concentrate Water

So this product is heaven in a bottle.  It smells divine whilst taking action.

It’s a concentrated mineral water for the daily use. It  can immediately reduce any discomfort and tightness, by creating a pleasant fresh, soft feeling that restores the skins balance and natural well being. Rich in minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements that help to restore the skins healthy appearance.

This product is used as a toner following your cleanse but also as a must have handbag or beach bag staple to freshen up whilst on the plane,train,poolside and much more.

It truly works and we couldn’t live without it
Aquatherm water

Vita Liberata Capture the Light 

The Capture the Light Collection comprises illuminating skin finishers with Opaque or Translucent coverage which can be used as stand-alone skin perfector or to accentuate a natural bronze tan.

Capture the Light Opaque illuminating skin finishers are considered by beauty experts to be “better than a BB Cream for the Body”.

We have the full range and our clients are going mad for the Latte one as it is simply a perfect essential for holiday and we are in love with this product!!!




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