What is Brow Sculpt?

Our HD Brow Sculpt treatment sometimes referred to as Brow Lamination has certainly become a firm favorite here in the Boutique, turning into a highly sought after brow treatment among our clients and our team helping achieve your perfect brow goals.

What is Brow Sculpt?

Brow Sculpt is a 2 step eyebrow perming process in which we are able to help correct and set our clients brow shape with results that can last up to 6 weeks. The first step is applying a cream to the brow that breaks down the bonds in the hairs so that they can then be manipulated into a new more uniform position. The second step is applying another cream that helps rebuild these bonds allowing the hairs to then be re set.

It can completely transform the brow shape. It can lift and correct unevenness or give a textured brushed up full brow finish, depending on your preference of course. It sits perfectly along side our much loved bespoke HD Brow treatment where the two can be offered in one complete tailor made brow treatment or the Brow Sculpt can be offered as a stand alone treatment.

Who is Brow Sculpt for?

A client who feels their brows are unruly, unshapely or uneven then this treatment is great! We can use Brow Sculpt across the entire brow or just in certain areas to enhance the shape.  We can help correct and tame the brow hairs so the brows are more uniform.

For people who have downward pointing brows, commonly at the tails (the end) of the brow means the lamination process will help lift the hairs giving a lifted look not only to the brows but it will also help to open up the eye and eye lid area.

This brow treatment is also great for clients looking for the on-trend brushed up look. This gives a textured bold brow that will instantly look much fuller.

But remember… ” Brows are sisters, not twins”. 

After the Brow Sculpt treatment the brows are then much easier to manipulate to the desired position for you to create at home. Whether you want to create a more extreme bold finish for an evening out or create a subtle lift for everyday. Your morning beauty routine just got a whole lot quicker!




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