The Latest Beauty Buzz… SpaceMasks

We are super excited for Spacemasks to land in The Boutique!

After all the hype over the latest beauty buzz we cant wait to try them for ourselves!

Here’s what the Press having been saying about them..

Harper’s Bazaar ‘A warm compress like this works to ease tension and encourages circulation slowed by straining eyes over a screen-ergo, dark circles and puffiness’

Grazia ‘Spacemasks Interstellar Relaxation Eye Masks are epic. Unwrap the pouch , unfold a self-heating, jasmine scented eye mask, fit the wee loops around your ears and be whisked away from tedious earthly tensions.’

Cosmopolitan ‘a self-warming eyemask that calms your mind and drags you off to sleep faster than…zzz’

Vogue ‘Mood boosters are the latest beauty buzz. These self-heating eye masks relieve tension and strain.’




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