Skin Peels – The results so far….

So far the results from our SKEYNDOR Skin Peels have been outstanding. Clients are leaving the Boutique with beautiful skin after just one treatment.

If you don’t know about the skin peels already then this will give you a bit of an insight …..

  • It is a professional treatment for deep exfoliation and skin renewal.
  • It is a glycolic and enzyme peel and gets rid of all dead skin build up leaving skin instantly brightened.
  • Our skin peels are designed to rejuvenate the skin, obtaining a softer, more even skin tone.
  • The fantastic results are due to the mixture of stages of the treatment.
  • Derma Peels are fantastic for any skin type……mature, congested, dry, oily, combination, pigmented…… I could go on.
  • It can improve almost any skin imperfections or concerns that you have.
  • The treatment itself takes about 45 minutes and there is absolutely no healing time like many other peels.
  • Feedback from clients says the treatment is actually very relaxing so you and your skin can leave feeling new and refreshed.
  • If you are not quite 100% sure then feel free to book in for a free consultation with me. I am a Skin specialist and extensive knowledge of this product.
  • If you are tempted by our peel then just remember it is very important that after the treatment you are applying a cream with a minimum SPF of 30.
  • For optimum results we recommend doing a course of treatments and use any homecare products advised.

This August our Skin Peels are on offer at just ยฃ50, normally ยฃ65 so book in now on 01206 616064

The picture shown gives an idea of how after just one peel, skin tone is evened out and the skin looks refreshed


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