NEW Skin Diagnostic Technology- Arrives this week!!

Our Skin Specialist team set off to the UK training center of Skeyndor last week to collect our fantastic new Skin Diagnostic Machine and we couldn’t be more excited by the development this will bring to our **NEW** Skin Clinic.

This concept developed by Skeyndor is for the in depth analysis of the skin and is unique to the market. The technology incorporates into one single lens the measurement of the 7 essential parameters that allow us to make a clear and accurate skin diagnosis.

Analyzing in detail the skin type and the predominant alterations which it presents, such as wrinkles, irregular pigmentations, moisture levels & bateria it can then identify the most appropriate in house treatment and home care products in each individual case and record information regarding the progress during and following treatment/s.

In addition and if desired the machine can send updates to the client following treatments to show recorded progress and much more.

This amazing new machine takes our Skeyndor facials and Skin Care to another level and with the launch in October almost upon us we are already selling out fast of our opening offer so contact us now if you would like to experience this new and advanced Skin technology!





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