Launching Jan 2016 – Dermapeel PRO Advanced Peels

We are so excited to be bringing this newly launched peel to the boutique.

After travelling to Barcelona in October 2015 to visit Skeyndor’s laboratories and Scientists, myself (Amy) and Laura (our skin specialist) have been itching to get going with this and have been waiting on the products so it gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of this amazing new Skin Peel System which offers immediate results with no down time.

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Using multilayered sequential technologyย DERMAPEEL PRO has been developed combining 5 peeling techniques with high acid concentrations in order to eliminate external skin layers; with a goal to achieve optimum results for the perfect skin.

The application of DERMAPEEL PRO is performed by different phases during the treatment to obtain the maximum results.

  • PRE PHASE skin preparation
  • PEEL PHASE intensive treatment
  • POST PHASE skin recovery

Using 5 peeling techiniques for the perfect skin, Skeyndor is the only existing brand in the market which combines 5 peeling techniques sequentially.

* The physical system, commonly used for superficial exfoliations, acts by means of friction, thus eliminating the most external layers of the skin, achieving an immediate effect and without side effects.

* The ultrasonic technique uses ultrasonic waves that collide with the skin.

* The acid treatment is the most common one in aesthetics medicine and cosmetics. It acts through a chemical effect, reducing the pH, which weakens the cohesion of the epidermis. It is used for exfoliating and superficial treatments to a medium degree, with immediate results.

* The enzymatic method is the most common one in reconstructive medicine. It produces a direct effect, weakening the cohesion of theย epidermis. It is used for superficial exfoliations

* The biological method is the most innovative one. It acts by means of a competition effect, creating false cell unions which weaken the origin of the cohesion of the epidermis. They are used for medium exfoliating treatments.

Dermapeel Pro Timeless Peel – For the treatment of wrinkles:

This peel combines the action of 2 AHA, glycolic and lactic acids with a renovating action at different levels on the skin to treat medium wrinkles. The presence of mandelic acid contributes to smooth out the size of the pore improving and revitalizing the appearance of your skin. Unblocking pores and accelerating the renewal of the outer layer of the skin. Ideal to alleviate expression lines, blemishes, pigmentation, small scars and acne marks achieving noticeable results from the first session.

Dermapeel Pro Brigtening Peel – To unify Skin Tone & smooth Dark Spots

This peel is a combination of Glycolic Acids for deep renewing action, with citric acid + phytic acid to reduce any pigmentation.

It helps to smooth out superficial dark spots and unify skin tone whilst unblocking pores and accelerating the renewal of the outer layer of the skin.


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To find out more, ask a question or to book a free consultation use our call back form below or call us on 01206 616 064.

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