Lashes on Lockdown!

So with our lashes well and truly on lockdown, how are you coping??

We and many of our clients are taking this time to nurture our lashes, enjoy a little eye rub in the shower from time to time (not too vigorously!) and encourage growth so that they are the perfect platform for a shiny new set as soon as we re-open!

So what could you do whilst you are lashless to encourage growth and maintain the health of your natural lashes???

Of course eating well and eating healthy foods will encourage all hair to remain healthy and potentially encourage growth.

Using a lash serum, either conditioning or growth will help to keep lashes hydrated, soft and flexible and in some cases encourage hair growth in the area. Clients of ours have reported great results with our very own Nouveau Lash and Brow Conditioning serum which we stock and also Revitalash which can be purchased via many online stores.

The use of castor oil as a DIY method at home has also been known to work. Apply daily to encourage growth of your eye fringes!

We have all been at the stage where we just can’t imagine life without lashes, many laughs together in the boutique about it and and last minute desperate phone calls (us included) before an impromptu night out, but as we have had no option then we might as well make the most of it!





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