IPL Hair Reduction – Have you started your course in time for Summer?

Using the very latest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, we are able to provide fast, non-invasive hair removal.

Unwanted hair can be irritating, embarrassing and sometimes uncomfortable. Often waxing is not enough and our clients want a permanent solution that’s fast and safe and can make you can look and feel your best.

Latest technology by Skinbase

Using the latest technology by Skinbase, our IPL specialists are highly experienced and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment and what is right for you.

Although waxing and shaving can be enough for many, these usual methods of removing unwanted hair can be real chore! Are you bored of reoccurring hair growth?



What is IPL hair removal?

The IPL machine can treat most areas of the body in both women and men, including the face. The Skinbase machine can treat a much larger area of skin per light pulse than laser hair treatment resulting in a faster and less expensive treatment.

In the majority of cases a series of treatments will permanently reduce the unwanted hair from the target area. Goodbye unwanted hair!



Your initial consultation

If you are interested in IPL then we will book you in for an initial consultation and skin test with one of our specialists. They can answer any questions you might have and discuss what you want to achieve from your hair removal treatments. They will also ensure that IPL is the right choice for you.



Will I need more than one treatment?

We will normally recommend a course of six to eight treatment sessions in order to provide a permanent reduction of hair growth that is desired. This is because at any given time some of the hairs in the treatment area won’t be in the growth phase necessary to remove them.

The number of hair removal sessions depends on various factors, including where the hair is, how thick it is and also your particular skin type and hair colour. For the best results we recommend that you complete the full series of treatment sessions with no break during your course.


The Procedure

Once you have completed a successful consultation and patch test you can start your first IPL treatment session.

Typically, your first session will be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks after your patch test depending on your skin type. During your consultation you will have been given your pre-care and advised how to prep the skin and hair before coming to your first appointment.

In our private IPL room, you will be asked to expose the area that we will be treating whilst laying on a comfortable treatment bed, much the same as having a waxing treatment.

Photos will be taken of the hair growth to put into your file, so your progress can be monitored. If the hairs need trimming at this stage, the hair will be trimmed down to the required length. The area being treated will then be marked up (like a grid) using a white pencil and square template. This will be used as a guide for each IPL treatment flash.

Once the area is prepared & both therapist & client have their protective eyewear on, the treatment will begin. The first handpiece is placed onto the skin for a few seconds, this will feel cold, prepping the skin. The second handpiece is then placed onto the skin and 1..2..3 FLASH! After this the cooling piece is put back onto the same area to cool down once more. This process is then repeated until the whole gridded area has been treated.


A Recent Review

My name is Rosa Gil

I’m a client of The Beauty Boutique. Normally I have my nails and my brows done.

I’m having the IPL half legs and underarms.

I have to say first of all how lovely the staff are, so caring and making you feel special.

Second of all, how surprised I am after the first session of IPL. I can notice big patches on my legs and underarms where the hair is not growing at all.

I’m so glad I decided to go for the IPL its really effective and not painful at all.

It is totally worth it.

I would recommend it to everyone.

Rosa Gil


(See image below of Rosa’s leg after just one treatment)

rosa 1


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