Fake Fuller Lips


Fuller lips are hot right now so discover a new way of perking up your pout with these top make up tips!


Prep – Use your favourite lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and super soft before you start to apply makeup.

lip balm

Line – Use a lip liner as close to your lip colour as possible to outline your lips. Very softly over lining your cupid’s bow and below the centre of your bottom lip. The trick is to only over line ever so slightly and to keep the line looking as soft as possible.



Contour – Using a slightly darker lip liner, draw soft short lines from the inside of your lips and stop half way up to emphasize your lip creases and make them appear deeper but without being obvious.


Blend – Once you’re happy with all your lining, use a small brush to gently soften your lines

Highlight – Apply a light-coloured cream concealer to the centre of your bottom and top lip, this will accentuate your pout.


Add Lipstick –  Use a small lip brush to apply your lipstick blending the concealer from the centre outwards as you go.

Top Tip – Lighter colours like soft pinks and nudes tend to work better when faking fuller lips.

Gloss – For extra volume use a light shimmery or clear gloss close to your lipstick colour to the centre of your lips

Top Tip – apply the lip-gloss from the pad of your finger and gently dab.


Perfect Pillow Lips in Minutes!


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