Diary of a Shrinking Violet by Hollyoaks Carli Norris

Hollyoaks actress Carli Norris is a regular Beauty Boutique customer and we asked her to write a diary of her experience with the amazing Shrinking Violet slimming body wrap. Carli had a course of 5 consecutive weekly treatments.

Session 1 – 9.25 inches!

Carli Norris

I was a bit skeptical about the results of this- I had read many reviews and wondered how it actually worked- could an oil really suck out my excess fat and help me get the body I’d dreamed of without exercise?

Two large babies and a lifetime of diets have taken their toll on my poor bod, and I now suffer from all the usual ailments- cellulite, stretchmarks, fat deposits and uneven skin. It’s also been nearly three years since i gave birth to my daughter and no matter what diet I’ve tried, the fat is still there.

So when the girls at the Beauty Boutique suggested a course of this, I decided I had nothing to lose (but the fat!)
I had already been to the salon for HD brows (gorgeous) and Silk Lashes (they lasted ages) and a hot wax (ouch!) so I knew the layout. It’s really relaxing with a beautiful vintage feel and the girls are fantastic, friendly and professional.

I was asked to strip to my undies while Iyasha went to get the camera- shock horror- was I about to display my wobbly bits to the nation? I was assured that they would hold off on the publishing until after the course, anyway, if I’m going to look fab I don’t mind others seeing the ‘before’ pictures myself to compare.

Iyasha chatted happily as she measured various parts of my body and used a black pen to mark my skin so she could accurately measure after the treatment. I was then massaged all over with the oil- It smelled gorgeous and I immediately wanted to lie down and fall asleep! No such luck as I was wrapped by a giant roll of clingfilm up each leg, around my torso and over both arms. It felt quite tight, but not uncomfortably so. I awkwardly jumped over to the bed (trying to be as dignified as possible, which is impossible when you look like a balantine of chicken) and Iyasha helped me up. I was draped in a towel and a fluffy blanket and Iyasha kindly changed the channel on the TV to a sappy channel 5 american film so that I could doze off, and doze off I did!

After a while (I think it was an hour!) Iyasha came back and helped me up, cutting away the wrap with scissors. I immediately felt firmer somehow, but still didn’t believe I would have lost inches. Iyasha measured me again and then asked me to dress and meet her outside on the comfy chairs. My legs felt like I had been cycling for some reason and I was so relaxed! I was given a glass of water and Iyasha came in with the results (and a big smile on her face)

I had smashed the record for the most inch loss at the salon!!! 9.25 inches! I couldn’t believe it. I had lost an inch from my waist, another from my abdomen, hips and 1.5 inches from each thigh! I had also lost everywhere else, so was really pleased.

It inspired me to take on the follow-up advice, drinking plenty of water and not too much coffee, tea and eat healthily. Apparently you can keep on losing for another 72 hours, so I shall write again with the results soon!

Watch this space ladies…

Falling off the wagon

It’s now Sunday evening and its my birthday, so I fell off the wagon a bit! have been drinking wine and had an enormous roast dinner today with a cupcake for pudding, so am expecting a back-lash at the next session! However, when I measured myself yesterday morning after a great night’s sleep I found I had lost an extra inch off my waist, another from one thigh and half an inch from the other thigh. That’s 11.75 inches lost in total from just one session!!!!! can’t wait for the next…

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