Dare to Bare?!

Did you know were Waxperts?


Here at The Beauty Boutique we are dedicated to providing only the highest standards of waxing and hygiene throughout our treatments and services.

Our Boutique Waxperts have a great reputation and loyal customer base through treating everyone that walks into The Boutique with the same warm welcome and respect.

We use only the best waxing products and techniques to ensure our waxing treatments are carried out the way we would expect to receive them and with only the best results.


Our Guide to Intimate Waxing


The Hollywood Wax 

ALL OFF! There’s no sugar coating it! – All hair removed, front, back and underneath. The Hollywood wax is the most popular wax and has become a fast-growing trend with in the beauty industry. This is the only method of waxing for clients who want complete silky smooth results.

The Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian wax will still remove all hair from intimate areas, including back and underneath, but instead of no hair at the front, a thin strip will be left for a stylish and well-groomed finish.

The Standard Bikini Wax

The best way to think of a Standard Bikini Wax is to think of any hairs they would appear out the sides and top of your bikini bottoms. So, nothing will be on show that’s not welcome!

The High Bikini Wax

The High Bikini Wax is similar to a Standard Bikini Wax but the side panels and taken in further, the underneath is tidied and the top is neatened up too. If you were wearing a high bikini bottom, no hair should be on show.


Will you Dare to Bare? We’ve seen it all before anyway!

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