Bikini Body Countdown

If you haven’t started already… It’s not to late to get yourself swimsuit ready!

With Summer just around the corner its time to think ‘results’.

Say Hello to Shrinking Violet Body Wraps! With instant inch loss results after just one treatment!

Whether your aiming to look great in your new swimsuit, trying to get back into last summer’s jeans orย just in need of a little help kick starting your weight loss then this is the treatment for you!

Shrinking Violet Body Wraps work by Lipolysis, which is an incredibly effective way to remove unwanted fat from the body without the need for surgery. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your size and build.

What is involved in a Shrinking Violet Treatment?

  • Measuring & marking
  • Oil application
  • Wrapping
  • Covering
  • Removal
  • Measuring

Courses also available for maximum results!

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