A Skeyndor Journey

When our client first came into the salon her skin was very different to what it is today. After suffering with very red, sore and angry skin she was determined to find the right skin care brand to give her that skin confidence she deserved. That’s when we introduced her to Skeyndor.

Skeyndor is classed amongst the most famous professional cosmetic brand names in the world and has won global awards for its innovative treatments and scientific skincare.

Not only did she suffer from redness, the skin was also very congested, raised and oily.

After coming into The Boutique and having an in-depth conversation with us, she decided to book in to begin her journey to beautiful skin.

Treatment Plan

6 Clear Balance Facials (weekly)

Homecare daily

Skin Diagnostics

Dermapeel pro


The Journey

Firstly, we introduced her to Clear Balance, a range within our brilliant brand Skeyndor, targeted at skin with excessive oil production & congestion.

We needed to start by calming the skin, minimising redness and reducing the breakouts.

Like all great beauty regimes, maintenance is required! She purchased the Clear Balance products as homecare and continued to use them in-between facials.

After each facial the skin was improving. 

After the course of facials, we introduced to The Beauty Boutique the Skin Diagnostics Machine.

We couldn’t wait to see what difference we had made to her skin so far and measure the new oil and hydration percentages.

The technology incorporates into one single lens, then measures the 7 essential parameters that allow us to make a clear and accurate skin diagnosis. In addition, and if desired the machine can send updates to the client following treatments to show recorded progress.

Current process

Now that we have managed to clear the skin from congestion, redness and oil we will continue with a course of Skin Peels to improve the texture of the skin and minimise scaring.



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