Will I have to pay a booking fee when I make an appointment?

We do require a 50% booking deposit at the time of booking to secure every appointment. This is for our 48 hour / 2 days cancellation policy. Your fee is then deducted from the total amount due at your appointment on the day, unless you would like to rebook then your booking fee will sit safely on your account and roll over to secure your next appointment. 

What is the cancellation policy?

To change or cancel your appointment, we do ask for a minimum of 48 hours / 2 days notice from the day of your appointment. 

Please Note: Booking deposits will be lost if less than the above required notice is given. Our cancellation policy is subject to 2 days prior to all bookings not the exact time of your appointment. 

In our busiest periods such as Christmas we ask for 48 hours / 2 days prior to bookings as normal, if a cancellation should occur within 24 hours or on the day of your booking please note that 100% of your treatments will need to be accounted for to support us during this time as our flexibility is minimal around this time.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

All missed unattended appointments will lose any Booking Fee/Deposit and a new Booking Fee will have to be made next time you make an appointment. 

Should I book my appointments in advance?

We recommend booking to ensure you get the appointment day and time you would like. Often clients book a year in advance to secure their preferred slots. During our busy months such as summertime and around Christmas, booking in advance is a must to ensure you get your appointments in with us. Evenings and weekend appointments are very popular.

Can I get a walk in appointment without booking?

We cannot guarantee an immediate appointment if you walk in and would like one then and there. We will do our best to accommodate you for that day where possible but on busy days this may not be possible. Certain treatments will also require a patch test. If we cannot get you in on that day can add you to our cancellation list, or we can look at another day for you. If you are added to our cancellation list and something does become available then we will contact you.  

What is the best way to make an appointment?

You can make an appointment with us in a number of ways. You can call the salon direct on 01206 616064, book online through our website, email our front of house team at info@emskinandbeauty.co.uk, book through Facebook or Instagram both of which are emskinandbeauty or book on your mobile phone using our App. Please see our Contact page on our website where you will find all the relevant information to these booking options.   

Can I choose a particular therapist for my treatment?

Yes, you can request a particular therapist for your treatment at the time of your booking. We will do our best to get you booked in with that staff member but if that therapist is not available on the day and time that you are wanting then we will suggest a different therapist. We recommend that if you do like to see someone in particular then booking in advance and requesting them is a good idea as our therapists do get booked up.  

Do you offer treatments for men?

Yes. We have a men’s treatment menu in our price list and on our website.

Are children allowed in the salon?

We operate a strict no children policy for the comfort of our clients and for safety reasons within the Boutique. We have many treatments and products that involve heat and chemicals that are unsafe for children to be around. 

What is the minimum age limit in the salon for treatments?

Our treatments come with different minimum age limits depending on the treatment. Anyone under the age of 16 would require a parent or guardian to fill out one of our consent forms before the treatment took place. Please speak to one of our team to check the age limits for the treatment you require.     

What are treatcards? 

Our treatcards are our loyalty point scheme cards. As a new client you will be given one of these on your first visit. They are a keyring style card that you can pop on your keys. At every appointment we can scan your card and you will build up points. These points are then redeemable against treatments in the salon that you have not tried before free of charge, the computer system generates what treatments are on offer to you. 

What happens if I lose my treatcard?

If you have lost or misplaced your treatcard then we can reissue you with another one at a £1.50 charge. Your new treatcard number will be added to your account and your points will follow on. 

How long do I have to use my treatcard reward treatments?

There is no expiry term on the treatments that you have built up with your treatcard. You can use them when you would like and you can check how many points you have by checking your account on your e.m.skin clinic & beauty App or ask us in the salon.

Where can I park?

As we are located in the lead up to the town centre, parking outside on the road is only permitted after 6pm. Alternatively there is an NCP (Nunns Rd) directly behind us or just down the road slightly is a popular car park with our clients which is called Middleborough. Please remember that coming up North Hill is no longer permitted.

Are you open during the evenings and on the weekends?

We are open for Monday to Thursday evenings until 8pm and every Saturday. We close on Sundays.

Will I require a patch test for my treatment?  

Some of our treatments do require a patch test before the treatment can be carried out. The patch test polices can often change so it is important to keep up to date with this information, this can be found on our website under ‘Policies and Patch Testing’. Of course you can also ask one of our team members over the phone or in the salon. 

Will I need to fill out any forms before my treatment?

If you are a new client to the salon, or you are an existing client trying a new treatment then you will be asked to complete one of our consultation forms. Arriving 10 minutes before your appointment is always useful so you can complete this and not feel rushed before your appointment. Please note that on occasion we may ask you to check your previous consultation forms, update them and resign if needed. Please always notify us of any medical changes.

Is the salon wheelchair friendly?    

Our treatment rooms within the salon are situated on the 1st floor and the ground floor. Past the reception desk there are 2 steps up into the salon and then one more small step further along to the back of the salon. We do have 1 private single treatment room downstairs that can be used for wheelchair users for a variety of treatments, please note this does depend on what equipment is needed for that particular treatment. The room has a hydraulic couch that can be lowered and set in to positions to make it more comfortable for the client. We understand that every wheelchair user will have different needs and will require different assistance and we will do our best to accommodate where we can. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would require our downstairs treatment room. Please feel free to contact us to make further enquiries.

What are the e.m.skin clinic & beauty salon memberships?

We currently have 3 membership options at e.m.skin clinic & beauty. These are paid via Direct Debit monthly and carry added benefits and advantages such as free treatments, money off retail and a smaller cancellation window. Please speak to the team to find out more information.  

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