Let’s Get Intimate With Waxing!

For those of us who aren’t regular waxers, the very thought of it can be daunting! There appear to be a Brazilian ways to get waxed, so if you are unsure about the different types of intimate waxing, here’s what we offer in the salon:

STANDARD BIKINI WAX || Our standard bikini wax is the removal of hair in your intimate area to create a traditional bikini shape. We remove all hair outside the bikini/underwear line to leave the area tidy.

HIGH BIKINI WAX || A little higher than the standard. This treatment aims to remove a little more hair than the standard to leave a smaller area of hair, not as small as a Brazilian wax.

BRAZILIAN WAX || Our Brazilian wax is the removal of everything in your intimate area, apart from a small strip/triangle left in the middle to your desired look. This includes removal at the back!

HOLLYWOOD WAX || Our Hollywood wax involves the removal of all hair in your intimate area. This includes the front & the back (between your buttocks).

Our intimate waxing treatments are all carried out using the hot wax technique. We only use the very best wax from Perron Rigot Paris, which means silky smooth results whilst at the same time being gentle on your skin.

Hair maintenance is a personal preference and there is no right or wrong way to have it, but there is a right way to remove it! All our therapists are highly experienced & confident waxers. We have our very own accredited training program for waxing that all our therapists complete when they join us. You can feel comfortable knowing that you will be treated with the upmost care and respect in a safe, hygienic environment!

We also offer brow, face, nose, leg, arm, back, stomach & underarm waxing! Book your wax treatment now using the book now button.


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