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Over the years Kay has managed her fair share of challenges and labels over the last 18 years including I.B.S, celiac disease, epilepsy, lupus, infertility, vitiligo, arthritis, alopecia, and endocrine dysfunction.

Whilst she received some great support in obtaining a diagnosis for these symptoms and subsequently medication to combat her ailments, it left her feeling a shadow of her former self.

Seeking to improve the side effects from both the medications and health conditions, she began her journey by trying to understand the diagnoses and labels she had been given. Her complications were not a matter of bad luck or coincidence; they were inherently connected to her ifestyle and poor eating patterns. Applying the philosophy of food as medicine, she regained control of her life.

This new passion for healthy living led to a burning desire to learn more. How and why did my her way of eating have such a profound impact on both her physiological and psychological wellbeing? She wanted answers and soon enrolled to study at the London College of Naturopathic Nutrition (CNM).

Armed with clinical practice and a deep knowledge of nutritional science, she launched Kaikins Naturopathic Nutrition to help others through their health battles. Keeping healthy through food is now her “medicine and prescription” to stay well and most importantly, happy.

Kay feels privileged to be a part of this field and for the opportunity to help our patients rediscover vitality towards your health.

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