A Sneaky Peak Into Our Skin Clinic Expansion

Our skin clinic expansion is up and running!

You may have already been in one of our new skin rooms or visited our new bathroom, if not then heres a little sneaky peak……

How it started…

We had a large area upstairs which has now been transformed into two lovely skin treatment rooms. A wall was put up to give us a large main treatment room and a slightly smaller one.


Our vision was, light, clean, white, natural with light oak and soft gold finishings throughout.

Good vibes, pampas grass, and cozy chairs!




How it looks now…

Treatments have begun in our new skin clinic rooms, we would love to hear what you think of them!


A Cozy Consultation Area…   

       Our new consultation space is the perfect area for us to explore your skins needs and your skin concerns. A few finishing touches to go, (pictures to hang on the walls).








and…a beautiful bathroom…

There’s still a few finishing touches to be completed, but as you can see, this new space is a perfect addition to our boutique and our every growing skin clinic.

We are so excited for you to experience our new space!

Pssst…..keep your eyes and ears open….an official launch party, not party, may be coming this Spring/Summer!


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