Whatโ€™s the difference and how do they work?


The IPL machine creates a wide spectrum of light wavelengths, like a light bulb.

The wave lengths will catch and remove the hairs effectively when the hairs are at the correct part of their cycle over a course period.


The Laser hair removal machine generates a single wavelength of light. This means it is a concentrated beam that has a specific target (the pigment in the hair follicle).


Both methods require that the hair is in the active stage of growth for the follicle to be sufficiently damaged to stop new hair growth

Treatments needed

IPL 8-10


Pain factor

Both methods of hair removal can be uncomfortable. Many people explain it like a sting or being flicked with an elastic band.

Those with a darker skin tones may feel more discomfort than others.

The type of treatment that will be least painful for you depends on your individual skin & hair type.

IPL and Laser Cautions

Both types should be used with caution if your taking medication that makes your skin sensitive to light.

Neither treatment should be performed on tanned skin due to the risk of burning and lowed efficiency.

No matter which treatment option you choose for permanent hair removal, you should always have a patch test done on the area you are wanting treated.

Summery Pros & Cons


Effective for dark hair and light to medium skin

More affordable than laser

Can remove hair almost anywhere on the body including the face

Cannot be safely used on dark skin



Effective for all skin types

Usually requires less sessions that IPL

Costs more than IPL

Can remove hair almost anywhere on the body including the face.


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