Helen B, Shrinking Violet – Sept 2013

First impressions of The Beauty Boutique are impressive!

A clean, fresh, modern environment & so relaxing you don’t want to leave! You are welcomed by warm friendly staff who immediately make you feel happy & at ease.

So, after having had 2 babies I was looking for a quick fix to get me back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (like all mums lol!) and was sold on the idea of the Shrinking Violet wrap. I thought I would give it a go seeing as I had my first night out planned 10 weeks after having my 2nd baby!

The treatment room is so lovely & comfortable. Once you have been measured, the oil is on & you are wrapped up nice & snug you get to lie down and relax on a very comfy bed under warm soft towels. With the options of music to listen to, tv to watch or sleep I opted for the latter for obvious reasons!

On waking after my hr nap I was unwrapped & remeasured. I lost a total of over 5 inches across my body and 2 days later (the oil keeps working up to 72 hrs even once its all soaked into the skin) for my night out the dress I wanted to wear had gone from pulling to fitting! Needless to say I was very happy! Not bad for doing nothing for an hour! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, after such good results from my first wrap, I decided to book a course. Turned out to be a great idea! In total I have lost 19.25 inches across my whole body & although I can’t get into every single one of my pre pregnancy clothes I can get into most of them – impressive for 4 hours sleeping!


So not only can I recommend going to The Beauty Boutique as a salon in itself, i can also recommend the Shrinking Violet wrap if you are wanting to lose body fat for either a special occasion, to get back in pre pregnancy clothes or just want to lose inches.


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