Anti-age your eyebrows

Celebs have long been doing it to knock years off their faces. Now you can too!

Bold ‘power brows’ have become the trend! Eyebrow guru and Highย Definition Brows founder Nilam Holmes-Patel tells the Daily Mail,

‘The more natural hair you can see, the better. Its key to a more anti ageing look’

Do you remember the time when eyebrows were treated as nothing more than an irritation – two annoying strips of facial hair to be plucked, threaded, waxed and generally kept under control?

Then along came the likes of model Cara Delevingne and actress Keira Knightley sporting bold ‘power brows’ on and off the red carpet, and suddenly eyebrows turned into a key part of our cosmetic routine.

‘Good brows can transform your face,’ says Nilam Holmes-Patel, known in the beauty industry as ‘the eyebrow queen’. ‘Over the past five years, women have been waking up to the fact they can knock years off their face if they get their brows right.

The biggest mistakes many make are over-plucking, over-arching or having brows in a shade that doesn’t complement their hair colour or complexion. But get it right and the difference they make is amazing.’

With brows such a high priority, Nilam’s services have never been more in demand. Her company, HD Brows (as in high definition), offers a bespoke treatment designed specifically for the client, based on her age, face shape, eye size and colouring.



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